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TV series 15 series Download Wishing Happy Lantern FestivalKing sword cover rain Zhongyuan knife turned to cloud the two magic weaponSaddled the ethnic hatred fate Ming, social stability. Fengxing Lie (Raymond Lam) is the descendants of the royal family in Mongolia, but the short-term memory, wrapped up hate, there is no concept of counter-culture Happy personality, the pursuit of love, hope Happy mountains. Fengxing Lie stroke roots the Jin Bingyun (Kwok, decorated) smile, decided to steal reproduce the lakes are covered rain sword, the results met the Hanbo (Bosco Wong). Han Bai, Yan palace servant not know martial arts, but fate cover rain sword, mended sword Fengxing Lie stolen. Hanbo vowing to retrieve the sword, the two fight before. Things change, Hanbo met when the world expert Chek respect the letter (Guo Feng ornaments) to pass on to his lifelong internal forces, he has become an overnight expert. Instead, Fengxing Lie been Jin Bingyun to sell, become the Great Satan Pang class (played by Derek Kwok) practice furnace Ding, and results Replica Cartier Ronde Louis Cartier the Ban Pang excel masterpiece Mogong. Fengxing Lie martial arts but lost, Pang Ban kill danger Credit goes to Hanbo rescue. The brotherhood the dilemma kept Hanbo and separated father virtual absence of (Hui Siu Hung ornaments) Great General to recognize. The virtual absence of Hanbo referral to the front of the emperor (Kaohsiung decorated), since Hanbo Apprentice. The other side of the car, the original Pang Ban is the National Division of the Yuan Dynasty, he worked hard Mogong, conspired Zionist, and chose the king Fengxing Lie leading compatriots. So he forced Fengxing Lie to a dead end, so that he fully understands the plight of the Mongolian people were persecuted under the rule of the emperor, Fengxing Lie to take up the responsibility of the nation. Fengxing Lie to subvert the country next room, Hanbo is beside the emperor Reds, two contradictory stance is gradually emerging. The Last Rain sword turned the clouds knife Fengxing Lie know Zionist, the biggest obstacle is the Hanbo. Hanbo turned cloud blade, superb, and he took over the rivers and lakes of the of Lang Fanyun (played by David Chiang) to help: the Nu Jiaobang. And Fengxing Lie fight to prevail against him, there is no chance of winning. In this case, Pang Ban tells the secret of the overlying rain sword. Original overlying rain sword is Excalibur, built-in martial arts: Ares illustrated catalog. Open Ares illustrated catalog will trust in the K Kim Sum of transparency this superior Heart practitioners to Kim Sum of transparency realm of martial arts today only Qinmeng Yao (Charmaine Sheh). Meng Yao Nai Chi Hong Ching disciples, however, is the the bright room country's beams and columns. Fengxing Lie only love as a means to BREITLING Super Avenger  impress Meng Yao. Fratricide emperor entered old age, bright room, Best Talent king Yongle (wheat bread decorated). Thus, Fengxing Lie drive a wedge between the blame Zhu Di assassinate Fuhuang, the emperor Zhu Di, the lower compartment of Kill Bill. Who do not know too Sun Yun stew the (Li Tianxiang decorated) had colluded with the Mongols, he is a traitor. Allow stew accession to the throne, ordered the imperial guards rounded up Zhu Di, Han Bai, Meng Yao desperate to break out of the protection of Zhu Di to leave the capital. Allow stew appointed Fengxing Lie for cut Phan coach, Zhu Di was founded Jing Nan Army, evolve into the next room infighting, fratricide. This time, Fengxing Lie practitioners cover rain swordsmanship, martial arts higher than the Hanbo turn cloud knife, two male encounter, who wins? The land will fall into the hands of who?Together by Hong Kong pop singer Paul Chun, Cheng Pei Pei, Deric mainland actor Yu Bo co-starred Ulysse Nardin watches in the TV series Liweidangguan sequel Li Wei resign, recently shot in Hengdian World Studios. First time in four years, Liweidangguan screenwriter Yuk Yue still a prototype and modeled the character of Li Wei, followed Liweidangguan humorous style, created the Li Wei resign. In Liweidangguan the Yongzheng identify what people, Li Wei into a generation of officials from the streets of a small fry in the Li Wei resign, tells the story of the elderly Li Wei court official disgust and determined to resign the story. Play to the death of Emperor Yongzheng, Qianlong reign began. 24-year-old Emperor Qianlong (the wave ornaments), talented, highly intelligent king was angry, domineering rolled into one. Li Wei (Paul Chun) 50s, has experienced decades of honed knowledge still is not known, but still loose and easy-going temperament, never get rid of the marketplace qualities. But Li Wei is a bureaucratic see a thorough, life skills ease, good and evil and good and evil, humor and wise old elf. Charles Li Wei (Deric decorated) more than 20 years old, the son of Li Wei, due to was Li Wei genetic, to study the lack of progress, but a body to an endless stream of worse compared to Li Wei Lian Li Wei strange enough Eastern Han Dynasty, the sharp class conflicts detonated the social unrest and political turmoil. Dong Zhuo held hostage by the emperor like the line Cuanni and Han Dynasty Empress precarious ......The Yong and Wenji father and daughter was demoted exile, critical moments Cao Cao rescued. Long and hard to return to Beijing journey Wenji Cao Cao alternate to emotional Yong knew the the Cao Cao final non-pool thing, but in order to protect her daughter safely pass through the troubled times, to complete the repair history of the great cause of his intention to alienate Cao Cao. Wenji childhood partner Dong worship but also the emergence of the pain and confusion of Cao Cao, he was determined to their own strength to conquer the smart and beautiful girl, just like he wants to conquer the world Wenzhiwugong Cao Cao robbing the Emperor Xian eviction, acting defeat, bad overnight . The Wenji mindful of the Cao Cao the safety, Yetan the truth, they worried about each burst the truth. The critical situation; Cao Cao had to flee Luoyang, Wenji with Cao Cao Yiyi Leibie to the life and death similar to ...

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